The original ‘PIG’ design was for use living
aboard a yacht

where space is limited, the smallest amount of light will illuminate everything, odors and noise travel easily.

The solution, a ‘PIG’ - Personal Indoor Garden!

There is absolutely no Hydroponic Grow Box like the ‘PIG’ on the planet. The Patent for the ‘PIG’ is not just for the ingenious design and superior construction of the exterior box itself, but for the newly patented “Hydroponic Plant Grow System” inside.

This hydroponic/aeroponic plant grow system took years to define, giving plants the optimum conditions to thrive and grow in the limited world of a box.

  • No lumens are wasted
  • Capability of directing light
  • Plenty of water reserve
  • No “dead air” spots
  • Incredible air flow
  • Root ball separation
  • No clogged drip emitters
  • Simple water testing and monitoring
  • Rugged construction
  • Super energy efficient
  • Low heat output
  • No light leaks
  • Odor control Grow System comes inside each ‘PIG’
  • Incredible!

The ‘PIG’ comes with 4 plant sites that give each plant plenty of room to grow and flourish and has the largest water reservoir ratio to size than any other grow box on the market. The ‘PIG’ is a specifically engineered growing machine.

‘PIG’’s are constructed using the durability of “marine grade” components, FDA approved Substrates, NFS drinking water certified tubing, UL listed equipment and stainless steel hardware.


Utilizing the CFL light system generates very low heat build-up and avoids wasteful lamination of unused grow space. Lamps can be placed within 1" of plant canopy if desired.
The Ventilation System maintains low internal temperature (ambient) utilizing 80 (x2) cfm of air distributed by 48 "air jets" located throughout the Growing Chamber. Note: All ventilation fans are "Made in America".

The ‘PIG’ also provides an active all natural "Ona" odor control system !

The programmable Irrigation System maintains constant temperature by the "radiator style" tube heat exchanger system incorporated within the reservoir. A pump provides nutrient solution directly to the plant through the calibrated water nozzles.?

Access to add water & nutrient solutions, testing and monitor water levels via dipstick tube is located at the top of the box. All PVC piping and tube components are NSF drinking water certified.
The Aeration System maintains a constant supply of oxygen to the nutrient solution, using an air pump and stone. Air volume is adjusted manually.
The Electrical System is powered by a single 110v power cord. Power travels through the cord directly to a low profile On/Off switch and a 15 amp push button circuit breaker. All lights and pumps are controlled by electronic programmable timers.

The Reservoir is constructed of reinforced marine sealed components coated with multiple layers of acrylic for durability and watertight integrity. The ten (10) gallon capacity reservoir is divided into six (6) separate compartments. Two (2) for pump isolation and four (4) for root ball separation.?
The Reservoir Drainage System (RDS) is used during periodic reservoir flushing and allows for reservoir drainage within minutes.

The ‘PIG’ Proudly "Made in America"
US & Foreign Patents

The ‘PIG’® Personal Indoor Garden, A Division of Box3 Manufacturing Company

‘PIG’s are a simple to use, durable, incredibly efficient, expandable and proven Hydroponic Grow System that can be
shipped via UPS right to your door!