PIGs in the News!

The Personal Indoor Garden hydroponic grow system in a box has received great reviews at trade shows and festivals. Ideal for growing indoors or in tight places, the PIG is the perfect solution to grow your own plants with minimal effort or care.


The PIG is being used in Florida schools to teach hydroponic gardening
to young students!


Hydroponics for Youth

Beginning in 2017 Seminole County Master Gardeners introduced a new hydroponics workshop into several Seminole County elementary schools. The workshop is a spin-off of the “Set and Forget Hydroponics” workshop for adults conducted several times annually by the Seminole County Extension Agent for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.

Seminole County Florida School District
Selected the ‘PIG’ to teach their "young hydro Farmers" the art of hydroponics

‘PIG’'s are used in the school districts newly renovated Biotechnology Learning Center
" The plants are thriving just as you said they would. I added nutrients two weeks ago and they are climbing high".
Kay Borglum, Teacher/Instructor, Sanford Bio-Tech Center, Seminole County School District, Florida, USA"

Testimonials from happy PIG owners:

"I am so impressed with my ‘PIG’". It's fabulous"... The parsley leaves are the size of half dollars. I love it!! - Jessie Esposito, owner "It’s About Time" minimart, Bradenton, FL

" I received my ‘PIG’ today and it's AWESOME" - SJ, Washington, USA

" I'm amazed how well the ‘PIG’ works" - BT, Ohio, USA

"I am so excited, I cannot wait for my ‘PIG’" - SA, Calgary, AB Canada

"The only problem with our ‘PIG’ is it works too good". - R&VP, Michigan, USA

"I love my ‘PIG’! Ready for grow #2!!" - CN, Oklahoma, USA

"The ‘PIG’ is awesome! Your product is by far the best designed and well thought out". - DJ, Florida, USA

"‘PIG’'s are Spot On"!! - DS, York, England UK

"I truly appreciate your customer service" & I received my ‘PIG’ today and I could not be happier with the quality" - GC, Pennsylvania, USA

"Love the ‘PIG’" The ‘PIG’ works very, very well". - KZ, Ohio, USA

" The ‘PIG’ XL works GREAT! Yup, send me another one". - GW Cape Cod, Mass. USA

" My English not good......... " Green is the color of the earth, I take green ‘PIG’." - L Shih-lin Taipei City, Taiwan